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We hope you are enjoying Soccer Parenting as much as we do! FC Link supports the good work that Skye and her team are doing to promote the beautiful game on behalf of parents. We are a strong force in the lives of our kids and we all need to work together to ensure every child has a chance to experience something special in the game.

Should you have any interest in using the FC Link app, there is some information below. Download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

Soccer Club & Team Management App

FC Link is a team and club management app designed exclusively for soccer. The app has features available for teams of all levels including youth, club, high school, and college.

Unlimited Text Messages

Stop the group text messages and mass e-mails. Send text message reminders to keep your teams up-to-date with the most important details like field changes, cancellations, deadlines, and other details. Push notifications coming soon!


For soccer teams, game and practice attendance is critical. Without players you forfeit games. Players just need to select whether or not they are coming and we consolidate it all together for you.

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