1 in 3 kids will be injured seriously enough to miss games or practices, according to a study done by non-profit research group. So what can be done to prevent injuries? Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children & Fatherly has some recommendations.

  • Don’t Specialize Too Early – research suggests sports diversification in younger athletes
  • Exercise According to Your Age – injury risks increase if you exercise more hours than your age
  • Pay Attention to Soreness – injuries results from overuse so let your body rest and recover
  • Schedule Rest Days – similar to above, schedule some rest time in
  • When in Doubt, Sit Them Out – 90% of concussions do not result in loss of consciousness, probably better to sit this one out
  • Encourage Warm Ups and Cool Downs – get the blood flowing before a workout and work on range of motion afterwards
  • Never Let Them Play Through Pain – it’s just not worth it

It’s also good to keep some of the U.S. Soccer resources handy in-case you have any injuries on the field.

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